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Conditions Of Sale  

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All sales of horses are final, our warranty states an exchange may be offered if the horse is deemed unsuitable for the job it was purchased for (in accordance with the stated description per individual horse) within 14 days of the above date.  The exchange will be for another horse of the same value, similar height/ age and the same ability unless stated. 


The warranty only applies to horses over £1500 and horses which have passed a pre purchase examination by a vet appointed by that particular vendor with an issued veterinary certificate.  Horses which are sold unbroken, from the field, that haven't been vetted, that have previous vetting certificates from another vendor/sales or sold for £1500 or less are sold without warranty and sold as seen. 


**At the time of sale all horses are deemed to be in good health and free from disease unless stated above, Gemini Sports Horses do not accept responsibility for horses with medical conditions which have not had a pre purchase examination. **


**At the time of sale you will be advised to the amount of work and feed your new horse has been receiving including a summary of his/her daily routine. The purchaser should acknowledge that horses are creatures of habit and that a settling in period may temporarily effect the personality of the horse. Any immediate changes in behaviour should be reported to Gemini Sports Horses.  Gemini Sports Horses do not accept liability for a change in a horses temperament and rideability when feeding and workload have been altered to any significant degree. **


Gemini Sport Horses recommend that all horses have a pre-purchase examination before leaving our yard. 

Horses are rode at the clients own will and Gemini Sports Horses accept no liability. 


  Gemini Sports Horses  




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